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An African bush country novel , A great book to sit and enjoy while sipping a good cup of coffee. Pick up a copy for your hunting buddy as well , he will thank you for the thought and the good read. Here's what I wrote the author.

"I have one question Brad. When are you going to make the second leg to this story? I loved the book, you pretty much nailed on the head what a man goes through in life, learning life's lessons, not all of them are easy. This book is so much more than a hunting story!
Having been on all ends of the spectrum in this case, from hunter, guide, client, and bow builder I could really relate to Gordon as well as the personal relationships with each of the other people in the book. After all, that's what the hard lessons of life are, personal relationships. Not all easy and not all work out how you plan but all are important to the becoming who we are and will be. Well done!"
Ted Fry - Owner
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