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Raptor Archery offers five standard models of finished, handcrafted arrows, available in a variety of woods. All our arrows are matched in 5# spine and 10-grain weight. All prices include cut-to-length and field points installed. If you also purchase broadheads, they will be installed at no charge as well. Most of the time we have a good supply of these models in stock.

Note: Draw length is measured from crotch of nock to back of point.

The Falcon (Parallel Shaft)

Starts at $85 per dozen/$55 per half dozen
A beautiful no-frills, handcrafted arrow. Nothing fancy, just a quality, handcrafted arrow that's all business. Shaft in your choice of wood, and your choice of nock and solid color feathers and cut as well.
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The Hawk (Parallel Shaft)

Starts at $130 per dozen/$65 per half dozen
An arrow made to be seen, both in flight and in your target. Your choice of shaft wood, with choices for crown dip and cresting band colors. Your choice of feather cut and color as well as choice of nock. Hardwood self-footing option available.
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The Eagle (Tapered Shaft)

Starts at $140 per dozen/$70 per half dozen
An arrow designed to  move the center of balance point forward in the arrow, thus improving recovery from arrow paradox. Your choice of shaft wood, with choices for crown dip and cresting band colors. Your choice of feather cut and color as well as choice of nock. Hardwood self-footing option available.
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The Raven (Primitive)

Starts at $155 per dozen/$85 per half dozen
A truly handcrafted arrow designed to fill the need for a more primitive product. A beautiful handcraft self nock with a hardwood reinforcement (spline) for added durability. Burn crest to set off the look of the arrow, and your choice of feather shape and and color. Sinew-wrapped fletch also available.
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The Phoenix (Horn Nock)

Starts at $420 per dozen/$247 per half dozen
As exotic as the name inplies -- truly a handcrafted work of art. The Phoenix starts with your choice of shafting with a hardwood footing on the front for both durability and enhanced flight characteristics, not to mention beauty. Each nock is handcrafted from the tip of a cow horn, again for durability and beauty. The back 10 inches of the arrow are tapered to a smaller diameter, to further enhance flight. Burn crest to highlight the arrow, and your choice of feather cut and color to finish them off.
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Feather Options

 Cuts: Raptor (4" and 5"). Shield (4", 5", and 5.5"). Parabolic (4", 5", and 5.5"). Pope & Young (5").
 Solid Colors: White. Yellow. Green. Orange. Pink. Red. Chartreuse.
 Imitation Barred: Add one feather, $2 per dozen arrows. All three feathers, $6 per dozen arrows. Colors: Yellow. Gray. Red. Orange.
 Natural Barred: Cock feather only is $18/dozen arrows; hen feathers only is $36/dozen; and three-fletch (all three arrows) is $54 per dozen arrows.

Build Your Own Arrows

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We offer everything you need to make your own arrows: raw shafting, feathers, nocks, points, broadheads, tools, finishes, and more.

RAW SHAFTING. We specialize in premium quality shafts, in matched dozens only. We also offer tapered shafts (also available in matched dozens only), which we taper ourselves to ensure quality. Tapered shafting is tapered in the back 10" to enhance paradox as well as stabilize quickly. We will cut shafts to specified lengths and taper for point and nock. For pricing on options, see individual products. For crafting your own hardwood self-nocks we offer the Nifty Nocker.

Raw arrow shafts are generally sold two ways: bulk and matched dozens. Bulk shafting is spined mechanically to 5# increments, such as 50-55# or 55-60#. In a box of 100 shafts of the same wood and spine weight, however, you could have a 200-grain weight difference. Therefore, we offer shafts in matched dozens, hand-spined to 5# increments as well as weight to 10 grains in mass weight. This is the only way to ensure that each arrow will fly the same as the others in your dozen. Order shafting »

TRUEFLIGHT FEATHERS. We stock quality Trueflight feathers, in left and right wing, in shield and full length only. Order feathers »

For other feather shapes, such as Pope & Young, Raptor, Parabolic, or Banana, we encourage you to take advantage of our special offer: With orders of 100 or more full-length feathers, we offer $1.00 off your choice of FEATHER CHOPPER (click to order). Check out our videos page to see the Feather Chopper in action, as well as how to select feathers for archery fletching.

We also offer Kid's Arrows and Flu-Flus.

Straighten wood arrows in four easy steps!
1. Sight down shaft to find bend.
2. Place bend over heel of thumb and grasp shaft with other fingers.
3. Flex shaft in opposite direction of bend.
4. Repeat above sequence until straight.
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