We've received quite a number of testimonials over the years. Although we can only post a few of them, we would like to say "Thanks!" to all who have taken the time to write to us with their praise or problems!

"The recipe you gave me for building my own arrows works great. With the new arrows, my groups have decreased from 2 feet down to 6 inches at 20 yards. Thanks for the great advice and excellent products!" - Steve Hall

"The side quiver I got from you has been awesome. In the last ten days it has helped me with success on two nice game animals. The elk was stalked for two hours while I was dodging his cows in heavy oak scrub. I was able to move so quietly using your quiver. Sorry it got left out of the photo. The deer I stalked to within 40 yards and rattled in to range. My best Florida buck ever. Again the quiver was so quite and helpful. I hope to sell several of these for you to my friends. - Mack Mosier, Florida

"I thought you might like to hear another story about your high visibility arrows... Last year I told you about my experience with them on an Idaho Bear hunt. I took the same dozen arrows with me this year. The plan was to take a deer with the exact same arrow that I used on the Idaho Bear . That part of the plan 'almost' worked!
"Well, this year I had an opportunity to hunt Muleys and Whitetail deer at a private ranch in Eastern Washington, and had another great experience. We saw an amazing number of branch antlered animals. I don't know about you, but for a lot of us city dwellers it takes a day or two to become acclimatized to being in the woods again after an absence of the best part of a year. So there were a number of times I pulled out the mental 'butt kicking machine' after I blew a stalk because I did something dumb like walk right up to the edge or a rimrock and look over the edge... "I was sure that I saw a buck around here a few hours ago, but he must be gone by now..." Aaaaugh! Yep, there he was, bedded about 20 yards away, looking right up at the top of the rimrock. And then I don't want to talk about the time when there was a buck walking along the other side of a hedgerow about 20 yards away. I drew carefully and waited until he walked past an opening in the hedgerow and then let the string slip from my fingers...and watched your beautiful high visibility fletching sail flawlessly over his back and into the field beyond. Yeah, that arrow was the special bear killer arrow and I couldn't find it in the wheat stubble.
"Then on the second to the last day I glassed a muley doe and watched her bed down across a canyon over a mile away. I waited three hours until the thermals steadied and then slowly, carefully stalked to within 12 yards of her hiding place. She stood up with a bush covering her vitals and I came to full draw and waited. Suddenly I saw her tense and take a classic muley bounce and my instinct kicked into gear. Without a thought I followed and let the arrow fly, hitting the deer perfectly while she was in midair. Again the high visibility fletching looked like a tracer and disappeared, total penetration and flying another 10 yards on the far side. This arrow was from the same dozen as last year, tapered cedar with osage footing 540 grains.
"And to top off the day, later I went back to the wheat field with Evan, my hunting partner to look for the lost bear killer arrow. I sure did not want to leave a broadhead tipped arrow in a private field, especially after the landowners showed us some marvelous hospitality. We went to the same spot as the missed shot and I recreated the shot with an identical arrow tipped with a blunt. Evan watched from the far side of the hedgerow to see the impact area and he could easily watch the hi-vis arrow in flight. He walked to the impact and the missing bear killer arrow was only a foot away. So, after two good hunts and lots of stump shooting I still have the whole dozen. Heck, if you ever expect to sell me any more arrows you better make 'em camo colored so I'll lose em! - Dave Robertson, 2005

"Picture #3 is staged, but shows how close Evan got to a bedded 4x5. The buck stood up keeping the tree between himself and Evan, then turned broadside at 45 yards. This was Evans first time hinting with a longbow and didn t want to take a long shot, but it was a wonderful stalk. Best I have ever witnessed."

"Here's the pic of my 2004 muley buck. This is the first buck I've taken with a bow. But even better, my first deer ever with primitive equipment! The bow is 54lb made frome the original osage stave I purchased from you. The arrows are made from white birch shafts from you also. The shot was around 8 yards, and he went down in less than 65 yards. Thanks again Ted for the encouragement to get into primative archery and for all of your help in making it a reality. What an awsome feeling of accomplishment....To find a bow in a piece of wood and bring it to life, and then to take an animal with it. This year I plan to shoot rose shafts and knapped heads.
"By the way, Iv'e also harvested 2 cow elk, a pig, and a cougar with this bow." - Scott Smith, 2004

"I wanted to send you a little thank-you triggered by the harvest of my first primitive archery deer. I made the bow in your class on 06/22/03. It's an osage long bow with #61 draw @ 28" ("Orange Falcon"). I made the string shortly after the class. I also made the arrow: lodge pole pine shaft, Nifty Nocker nock, Raptor-cut feathers, and Wensel Woodsman broadhead. I shot this deer on the ground at 18 yards; it was the most satisfying feeling of accomplishment (associated to hunting) I have had in a long time. Thank you for your help, time, and patience given to me both in your class and over the phone, on the countless questions of a beginner. The deer's a five-pointer that dressed out at about 100 lbs. I only retrieved the broadhead and a small piece of arrow, as seen in the picture. - Mark Izabel, 2004

"I thought you might like to hear a report about the performance of your high visibility custom arrows on a bear hunt. If you have a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee, I'll tell the story . . . .
"This was a guided hunt for Black bear in Idaho, packing 18 miles into a remote area. I wanted some arrows that flew straight, hit hard, and would be visible in flight but not obtrusive when in the quiver. My homemade recurve draws 53# and I wanted the finished grain weight to equal 10-12 grains per pound.
"The arrows you sent were tapered cedar, footed with Osage, with blue stained shafts and white high-visibility fletching. When I mounted the 125 grain Zephyr broadheads the total weight was perfect at 540 grains. All of them are laser straight, too! Absolutely perfect!
"So we hunted hard and in the fading light very last hour of a 6 day hunt, I got the shot I was waiting for. I saw the arrow disappear into the side of the bear, a little farther back than I wanted but I could clearly see that it was definitely a fatal shot. When I took the shot I was high on a steep ridgeline and the bear took off at a run. I didn't follow the bear then because I knew from the shot location that if I pushed the bear I would probably never find it due to the steep, extremely brushy terrain and the lack of blood trail. The arrow was a total passthrough . It wiped itself clean as it exited the bear and stuck 2" into the ground. The vision of the arrow passing through the bear is still in my mind's eye now, over a month later; I can still see it as if it just happened.
"Early the next morning I went back up the ridgeline with the guide and another very experienced hunter to find and recover the bear. The three of us looked long and hard, but finally the guide said that time had run out because we had to get back on the mules and ride out so they could prepare for the next group of hunters. I KNEW from the arrow flight that the bear was down, so told the guide to go back and make final preparations while I made one last sweep of the area before hiking back to camp. Well, you know it, the guide was still within earshot when I squirmed my way to a basin under a fir tree 30 yards from where we had just been standing. There was the bear! It had died quickly, but left no trail . Only my perseverance from the conviction of seeing the arrow hit and some help from the grace of God led me to the recovery.
"So Ted, thanks for the quality of your arrows. I'll recommend them to anyone anytime. Next week I leave for a Whitetail deer hunt and will try to get my deer with the same arrow. Wish me luck!" - Dave Robertson, 2004

"A big thanks goes to you and your staff. I have never ordered a stave before due to the fact that one is buying sight unseen. I received the vine maple stave last Friday and needless to say, I was totally useless this weekend (my wife said) due to making a bow. The stave was perfect and I can't wait to use the new bow pig hunting. Once again, as with everything that I have ordered from Raptor in the past, I got great service and good product.
"Ted, having worked in customer service and support and training other employees to do so. I must say that I am impressed with Raptor Archery. You and your staff are willing to help and have never hesitated to answer any question that I have. Keep up the great work and never lose sight of your vision for traditional archery we need more folks like you all. Thanks." - CJ Pearson, 2002

"Shot this buck on September 21st with the bow I bought from you last January. Not P&Y, but a good buck nontheless. Even used an arrow from a dozen I bought from you last spring. Thanks again, hopefully more photos will be on the way." - Dennis Schuler, 2002

"Here is a pic of a ram I shot with one of your arrows. I used a Howard Hill 60# bow, covered in camo tape. I was about 25 yards away and it was a rear quartering shot. Arrow went right through, about 3/4 of the way back from the front and came out behind the front leg. He never even jumped, just looked at the arrow in the ground. Sadly the arrow broke in half, worse than that, I left it on a table and a couple of puppies picked it up and ate the feathered end and most of the other end. Luckily I had a hard leather cover over the broad head. They ate the leather after I got the broadhead back. The ram just limped away and died....Great arrows." - Tim Kwiecinski, 2002

"The Signature longbow preformed perfectly on caribou.....[T]he last day of the hunt we fought and crawled our way to the top of a ridge and immediately saw two caribou feeding on the off side. My son's glasses were fogged up because of the rain, so I took the stalk. I got to within twenty yards and waited until the nice bull put his head behind a rock to feed. I then shot him through both shoulders, let me repeat that, through both shoulders. When he made the first jump the arrow broke off at both ends and left about 10" of shaft in his lungs. His death run carried him about seventy yards where he tumbled to the ground.
"I never thought I would own a 62" long bow, all of my previous bows are 66". However, everyone that shoots this bow is amazed at the complete lack of stack. It seems like you can draw it back past your ear if you wanted. Fast, flat shooting, zero hand shock and no stacking, I don't know what else I can say. Get to work on that take down, I want one." - Jim Dinelli, 2002

"Just got back from trip to south TX and a fun five-day hunt with Jeff Massie. New Raptor longbow worked like a dream to take a small feral hog and two mature javelina. All three were shot with wood arrows at 10-15 yards. The arrows did that magic thing where they go right to the spot I focused on, three clean quick kills. Attached photo of the first javelina encountered. Thanks for a great product, the more I shoot it the more I like it." - Shaun Webb, 2002

"I own and have used every type of arrow quiver on the market. I never liked the feel of a bow quiver on my custom-made recurves and longbows. After all the years I spent developing them so they would shoot where I was looking, under hunting conditions, well the bow quiver always seem to upset the balance and feel I worked into the bow.
"The RAPTOR side quiver was purchased on a whim; it was the oly quiver type I hadn't tried. It took a while to get use to but it has become my full-time quiver for hunting, stump shooting and 3-D shoots. It works in any weather conditions and has no nuts and bolts to fall off while on a remote hunt, like some of the other quivers I've used." - Val

"I just wanted to thank you for the great service, I just received the hickory stave I ordered, it really looks good, I am looking forward to covering the floor in shavings...thanks again." - Stephen

"I just received my arrows a few moments ago; I must tell you IMMEDIATELY how pleased I am with them. Dan did a wonderful job splicing the cock feathers, and even replicated my vision of a crest scheme -- without a fax. These arrows are wonderfully beautiful. . . ." - Guy

"Just letting you know I received the arrows you made this afternoon. You really did a great job and it was worth the wait. They're beautiful. Can't wait to put some field tips on and shoot them. Thank you for your prompt attention. I appreciate the service." - John

"When I ordered my Raptor [Side] Quiver I was looking for an alternative to a bow quiver and have never found anything that suited me till now. I had heard good thing[s about] your quiver and decided to try it. The more I use it, the more I like it. Thanks for a good product. " - Jack

"Was out of town for a few days and low and behold upon my return your quiver had arrived. I am very impressed with your product! Can't wait to get out for some stump shooting to try her out. Thanks for your fine service and catalog." - Dave

"Got the parcel today. Thanks for the FAST and personal service. When I have any future needs, I'll know who to go to. Thanks again." - Chee-Min (Singapore)

"Just want to let you know, that You did indeed built me the finest arrows that I ever could get hold on - THANK YOU" - Bernd (Germany)

"Hi, just thought I would send you a short note to thank you for the best wood arrows I have every owned! I received 2 doz of your fir arrows from Mike Sohm of Magnus archery. As I'm sure Mike told you, he was up on a bear hunt with me this spring, he was using your arrows and when I seen them I just had to have some! ... Thanks alot and keep up the good work!" - Darrin

"Ted is an example of several things of which I'd like to make mention. First, he's a good businessman and an honest person, a family man as well. He has carved out a niche in a tough business and has persevered during the good and the tough times, with all the attendant risks. Ted has made the investment and the comittment to stay in the industry, offering his service and personal knowledge full time. This is his personal stake and is the way he makes his living for his family. He's not a corporate conglomerate owned, run and directed by a group of faceless investors and directors, who are involved to sell the 20% of goods which make up 80% of the dollar volume. He's an individual entrepeneur, often working alone. In order to make a living this way it involves sacrifice of self and time, not punching a clock but living the business. All of the foregoing means that he's subject to the same market, government and financial pressures and others as well, that are associated with the larger come-and-go, 'Hey, we're everything to everybody' businesses. He's the 'little man,' to quote Alan Jackson's popular song. He deserves our support." - Murray

"I bought some douglas fir shafts and some goose feathers from you back when you had just gotten back from Moose hunting in Alaska, about six or seven years ago. Anyway, I thought you'd be interested to know that I'm still shooting one of those shafts. I got a deer with it this last fall and now I'm using it for small game and stumping. I've killed a lot of game with that dozen shafts, including a 240 # wild boar that I cooked at my wedding reception, a bunch of deer and a ton of squirrels. Sorry I haven't been a very good customer over the past few years. A friend of mine was a bowyer and he passed away. I received about eight dozen tapered shafts, so my needs have been minimal. However, we are running out of supplies, so you'll be hearing from my friends and I at least a couple of times a year. I have another greenhorn friend that is starting out Traditional and in order to keep him face to the wind I'm turning him on to your catalog. He bought a bunch of shafts from _ _ _;-) _ _ _ and received 3 dozen garden stakes. Then when they finally sent shafts, some of them had cracks through them. I remember a couple of times that you spent all the time needed on the phone to answer my questions and explain the nuances of traditional archery to me. Now I have the chance to teach my friend and hopefully I'll pass it on as well as you did. Please send me three catalogs with my order, as I'd like my two friends to have their own. Thank you very much." - Bill

"Got my order yesterday. Thank you very much. The spokeshave worked great! I want to thank you for the quality of product you carry. I live in a rural community and would have to travel to Kansas City to find the spokeshave I just received and the draw knife I got last month. It is nice to be able to just call you up for selfbow supplies. Your prices are also very reasonable. Thanx again for making it easier for me to pursue selfbow making and traditional archery." - Keith

"Thanks for the advice. I always enjoy talking with you. I am worried about the future of hunting and the way of life that it is. It has been the one single thread in my adult life that has always brought me back to where I needed to be. When I was lost at times it was the bow and the simple pleasure of walking in the woods that I held on to. I now want to help set the kind of example that the Jay Massey's, Fred Bear's and others like you have done and help preserve hunting and the wild places that are left for those that come after us. I want my spirit to be forever the hunter and the warrior that knows the wind on his face and the rain in his hair. For what we are really searching for, I think, is that spirit inside of us that is one with the natural world and is at peace. This is how I feel with my bow in my hand and a setting sun on the horizon. This is the legacy that I want to leave to my children and the others that come after us!" - Dave

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